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How to Give Oral Sex to a Woman and Make Her Crazy for You
Wednesday, 18 February 2009
How to Give Oral Sex to a Woman so She'll Want More
What is so imperative about knowing about how to give oral sex to a woman? Because the female orgasm rate from giving oral sex (also called cunninglus) to a woman increases from 35% to over 60%. More importantly, when performed correctly, cunninglus can improve a lady's orgasm rate much higher. Master the art of cunninglus and you will have her on her knees begging for more.

A major problem lies in the fact that many men really don't know how to give oral sex to a woman.

Before you learn how to give oral sex to a woman and practice some really exciting cunninglus techniques, you need to know how to avoid the major mistakes that will turn her off. The reason is that even if you have great technique, making one of these mistakes will make her push you away - and you would rather she pull you in, right? During cunninglus, there are three big mistakes most men make. Do you want her to keep coming back for more? Do you want to know how to turn her on? Then read every word of this article. To know how to please her, you must really understand the most sensual part on her body: her clitoris.

How to Give Oral Sex to a Woman: First Step - Get to Know Her Needs

Knowing her physical needs means understanding her most personal body part. Your lady's clitoris has more sensitivity packed into a pea-sized area than you have in your entire genital area. Where you need a harder touch, she needs comparatively microscopic movements to achieve the same feel. This variation is from your compared sensitivity - she is much more hypersensitive than you are and thus has very distinct needs when you are giving her oral sex. But many men don't understand this, so they do what would feel good to them, which has the opposite effect on their women. This misunderstanding leads to the most common mistakes in how to give oral sex to a woman:

How to Give Oral Sex to a Woman Next Step: Don't Make These Mistakes

Common Mistake #1: Making Her Raw. Hard touches over and over again might be good for you, so you would think the same would feel as good to her. If you want to know what this feels like for a woman, take the tip of your tongue and lick the roof of your mouth over and over again. See how you get numb where you are rubbing? Imagine how your would feel if the roof of your mouth was 1100 times more supersensitive - that's how much more supersensitive your lady's clitoris is - so straight constant touching like this during cunninglus will be unpleasant for her to say the least.

Second Mistake: Not Paying Attention. The second mistake you can make while performing oral sex on your woman is not listening - to her body language, that is. When you are in the middle of giving her oral sex, you might notice her put pressure on one thigh or another - or she might move her pelvis up, down or sideways. In the middle of passionate moments, her movements might be misinterpreted as "go wild" or "lick harder". Actually, she is directing you to where it feels best for her. Be aware and pay attention: because when she directs you, the moves she makes will be slight since the area she is moving you for is very small. Even small moves can make a big difference. That's why it's a good idea to listen and just let her do her thing - she knows what feels best and where her "special spots" are. Understand this: she will tell you if she wants it harder, faster or deeper - your job is to listen and please her.

Mistake Number 3: Scruffy Face. This should be self evident, yet many men make this common mistake. You need to be cleanly shaven before you perform oral sex on a woman. You wouldn't like sand paper rubbed on your parts - and you woman won't like it either. If you wear facial hair like a goatee, be sure not to trim it on a day when you might give her oral sex. When whiskers are cut the edges are quite sharp - then end up feeling like little daggers against the sensitive areas of a woman . You can also use cream rinse on your beard or goatee to make it extra soft for her. She will appreciate it!

Keeping her turned on and avoiding these mistakes will enhance her pleasure; her orgasm rate will soar; and she will want you more than ever. When you learn great cunninglus techniques, your girl will find you irresistible. Knowing this and putting it into practice with some additional techniques will really make your sex life soar. Now you are ready for the next step in how to give oral sex to a woman: making her completely comfortable with oral sex.

Giving her Oral Sex Step Three - Discover More

No more waiting, find out how to get her coming back for more. Get all the information you will ever need about how to give oral sex to a woman here!

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